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The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR-Nairobi announced a move to withdraw financial assistance from All LGBTIQ refugees living in Nairobi. The UN agency announced the move through it implementing partner HIAS-Kenya. The directive from the UN body is to take effect next month October 2017. The whole thing started earlier last year as the organization scrapped off ksh.1500 from the Ksh.6000 (USD 60) which constituted as monthly stipend to LGBTIQ refugees. The current directive came in Earlier in the month of June 2017 as HIAS-Kenya sent Sms messages to refugees’ mobiles informing them about the yet to come directive. “As you are aware, financial assistance was ending in the month of June. However, since we didn’t communicate on time, FA has been extended by one month to July 2017. Please note that there will be a delay in processing FA for July 2017. We will communicate once the funds have been disbursed to individual cards.HIAS” the directive read.

Luckily this was lifted by 3 months as a lot …


COMMUNITY SUPPORT INITIATIVES FOR REFUGEES Community Support Initiative for Refugees is a not-for-profit group based and operating in Nairobi,Kenya. It is a creational, educational and awareness programs group for refugees committed to provide sustainable economic empowerment activities, life skills, mentoring, talents enhancing and self-awareness with techniques of communal sensitization, workshops and peer education for the beneficiaries.
Community Support Initiative for Refugees focuses mostly on the most valunerable refugees who fled their home countries due to fear of persecution and fleeing for their lives as a result of their sexual orientation and have failed to sustain themselves economically due to their status in the host communities.

OUR VISIONTo create a sustainable environment for every refugee in Kenya.
OUR MISSION To improve the lives of refugees in urban areas through education, health awareness, economic empowerment and social amenities.
OUR GOAL To promote and create econ…